"Sie wissen, ob du authentisch bist!"

“You have to have your eyes wide open, you’ve got to be connecting with them, because otherwise, there’s really no point.  They know if you mean it.  They know if you’re telling them the truth.  They know if you’re feeling it, and they’re looking for the love, the joy and the inspiration from you in that moment and we just create it together.”

This is a quote from Elizabeth Mitchell, a children’s songwriter and performer I heard interviewed on NPR today.  She was describing what it’s like to perform in front of children as a singer, to reach them as an artist, but she sounds like she’s describing a TPRS teacher!  But we perform everyday!  We need to be so full of life and energy to awaken our students to the art of learning, which is so antithetical to traditional teaching.

Johnna Little on www.benslavic.com/blog/?p=8432

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