About me

DSCN0182aI was born in 1952; I am a Waldorf teacher in Northern Germany where I have been teaching French for more than 20 years now. I teach students from grades 5 to 13. Like almost any teacher I went through a classical teacher training: high school, university, teacher training at school. So I was perfectly prepared to follow in my own teachers‘ footsteps even though, in the meantime, the communicative method of foreign language teaching had superseded the behavioristic one. Having finished my diploma, it has proven to be quite an advantage to work in a completely different field of work for about six years. Discovering the Waldorf pedagogy thereafter kindled the flames of my enthusiasm. Rudolf Steiner’s holistic view of language unveiled its spiritual nature; the idea of splitting human language into small and even smaller elements to be analyzed by our brain seemed ridiculous. But it was not easy at all to follow the few hints of Rudolf Steiner to improve language classes and to approach the ideal little by little. But all of those excellent workshops I attended at least helped me  improve my skills, brought out my hidden talents and made me  a more authentic and natural teacher. I truly believe that my hard working colleagues and I succeeded in providing many experiences to our students, but did our efforts result in improved language acquisition? Were our students more communicative in foreign languages? Rather not. In spite of our efforts we were often too tied to our traditional teaching methods. We, too, we have to put the burdens of the past behind us. We have to think ahead by rethinking our views. I will post this blog to share my thoughts and experiences.