Who will be presenting in Agen in 2018?

My dear friend Judy Dubois writes on her blog TPRS-Witch:

Every year I try to get the best possible line-up of presenters for the Agen Workshop. This year we have a great team and I want to thank them for their generosity. There are some new faces and some familiar ones and some new faces with familiar names.

Susan Gross, a legend, a guide, a model

First of all, I’m proud to announce that our keynote speaker will be Susan Gross herself. Is it necessary to introduce Susie? She was in on TPRS from the very beginning and was instrumental in helping Blaine Ray develop it into a tool that all teachers could use. So many of the things that we do can be traced back to Susan Gross, but she modestly claims that she just put a name on what other people were doing.

Then we will have sessions with Bill Van Patten, former professor at Michigan State University. Bill has published eight books, written countless articles and book chapters and put on a weekly call in radio show, Tea with BVP, where he answered teachers’ questions about Second Language Acquisition. His latest book, While We’re On the Topic, will be available during the workshop.

I have long hoped to have Jason Fritze in Agen, and this year it worked out. He is a sensational presenter that draws large crowds and lots of laughter. He works with primary students and knows exactly how to win their hearts. Jason is also known for his skill at Readers’ Theater and I have asked him to present on that.

Laurie Clarq will be back for the third year in Agen. I admired her kindness and fair interventions on the moretprs list serve long before I met her. She will be presenting on Embedded Readings, Movie Talk and will be coaching in the Advanced English class.

Another familiar face is Diane Neubauer who will have a lot to tell us. Her students from last year wanted to continue their Mandarin adventure on-line, so she will be able to report on that. Diane is currently working on her Ph.d in Iowa and will share her insights in how students acquire a second language.

Sabrina Sebban-Janczak is back! Colorado’s Teacher of the Year 2016 will be teaching French in the morning and presenting on her Special Person Interviews.

Robert Harrell is another familiar face. He will be helping with coaching and sharing his vast knowledge of second language acquisition, but we will also hear from him about writing easy reader novels and developing empathy with students, parents and colleagues.

Jayne Cooke will once again explain how to reach and share with students who are different, who learn differently, helping us to realize that different is not necessarily a handicap, that it can be a gift.

Scott Benedict has been around the TPRS universe some time. I’m delighted to welcome him to Agen where he will be presenting on classroom management and helping with coaching.

Margarita Perez Garcia taught our morning Spanish class before moving to New Zealand and was replaced last year by Rosana Navarro. Together they have written an easy reader in Spanish, Juliana. Margarita will again be teaching Spanish and will participate in Robert’s presentation on writing easy readers.

I myself, Judy Dubois, will be teaching Advanced English for adults. And I will present on Fluency Writing and Very Narrow Listening.

There will be morning classes in Breton, Spanish, French, English I (A2) and English II (B2), Mandarin and Japanese. Teachers may choose to be students in one of the classes or may observe. Observers can stay with one teacher or move around during the week.

There will be afternoon and evening coaching sessions run by Laurie Clarcq, Trish Moller, Robert Harrell, Kirstin Plante and Scott Benedict.

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