Agen Conference: David’s comment and Judy’s answer

It was just a week ago that I was sitting in Agen, in the south west of France at my very first TPRS workshop and the very first ETPRS event ever! If you haven’t already guessed: the ‚E‘ is for european.
Today was my first day back teaching and I have to say I had a great time implementing and experimenting. I had been teaching myself for the last 2 years or so, and although I had the support of a fellow colleague, Martin Anders, I still was unsure. The week gave me the reassurance and confidence to keep evolving my TPRS skills and today I felt a quality that I have so longed for slowely creeping in. The satisfaction was uplifting. The pupils today were extremely responsive, we laughed a lot and I only had one class of 14 year olds who were, quite simply, just being normal (it was still trying though).
If it hadn’t been for Teri, Wiechart that is, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing. I decided to make the time, thanks Teri. To Lynnette „the saint“ George, Alike Last and of course Judith Dubois, I owe a huge thanks for letting me sit in and „steal“ all those wonderfull ideas and techniques aaaaand ask all those questions. The fable of „the grasshopper and the spider“ will be told every year from now on.
Judith, we haaaaaave to do it again next year.
The week itself was perfectly paced. We started at the civil hour of 9am, which for european schools etc is highly unusual and late and the long lunch break gave us time to digest both physically and metaphorically/metaqphysically!
A big thanks again to all involved!

Judy answered:

I want to thank David and Petra and Martin and Ignacio and Victoria and Aicha and Aly and Lori and Jaqueline and Marie-Pierre and Daniel and Rachel and Bruno and Lil and Glenda for believing in me, for coming and making it such a wonderful week. As I told them, they came with open hearts and open minds and it was their faith that made the workshop so special. Seeing people from different countries and different cultures
with so much to share, listening in on their animated, on-going conversations was inspiring. We’ll certainly do it again!

Judith Logsdon-Dubois

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