Who will be presenting in Agen in 2018?

My dear friend Judy Dubois writes on her blog TPRS-Witch:

Every year I try to get the best possible line-up of presenters for the Agen Workshop. This year we have a great team and I want to thank them for their generosity. There are some new faces and some familiar ones and some new faces with familiar names.

Susan Gross, a legend, a guide, a model

First of all, I’m proud to announce that our keynote speaker will be Susan Gross herself. Is it necessary to introduce Susie? She was in on TPRS from the very beginning and was instrumental in helping Blaine Ray develop it into a tool that all teachers could use. So many of the things that we do can be traced back to Susan Gross, but she modestly claims that she just put a name on what other people were doing.

Then we will have sessions with Bill Van Patten, former professor at Michigan State University. Bill has published eight books, written countless articles and book chapters and put on a weekly call in radio show, Tea with BVP, where he answered teachers’ questions about Second Language Acquisition. His latest book, While We’re On the Topic, will be available during the workshop.

I have long hoped to have Jason Fritze in Agen, and this year it worked out. He is a sensational presenter that draws large crowds and lots of laughter. He works with primary students and knows exactly how to win their hearts. Jason is also known for his skill at Readers’ Theater and I have asked him to present on that.

Laurie Clarq will be back for the third year in Agen. I admired her kindness and fair interventions on the moretprs list serve long before I met her. She will be presenting on Embedded Readings, Movie Talk and will be coaching in the Advanced English class.

Another familiar face is Diane Neubauer who will have a lot to tell us. Her students from last year wanted to continue their Mandarin adventure on-line, so she will be able to report on that. Diane is currently working on her Ph.d in Iowa and will share her insights in how students acquire a second language.

Sabrina Sebban-Janczak is back! Colorado’s Teacher of the Year 2016 will be teaching French in the morning and presenting on her Special Person Interviews.

Robert Harrell is another familiar face. He will be helping with coaching and sharing his vast knowledge of second language acquisition, but we will also hear from him about writing easy reader novels and developing empathy with students, parents and colleagues.

Jayne Cooke will once again explain how to reach and share with students who are different, who learn differently, helping us to realize that different is not necessarily a handicap, that it can be a gift.

Scott Benedict has been around the TPRS universe some time. I’m delighted to welcome him to Agen where he will be presenting on classroom management and helping with coaching.

Margarita Perez Garcia taught our morning Spanish class before moving to New Zealand and was replaced last year by Rosana Navarro. Together they have written an easy reader in Spanish, Juliana. Margarita will again be teaching Spanish and will participate in Robert’s presentation on writing easy readers.

I myself, Judy Dubois, will be teaching Advanced English for adults. And I will present on Fluency Writing and Very Narrow Listening.

There will be morning classes in Breton, Spanish, French, English I (A2) and English II (B2), Mandarin and Japanese. Teachers may choose to be students in one of the classes or may observe. Observers can stay with one teacher or move around during the week.

There will be afternoon and evening coaching sessions run by Laurie Clarcq, Trish Moller, Robert Harrell, Kirstin Plante and Scott Benedict.

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2016 Workshop Information

Judy Dubois schreibt:

The 2016 edition of the Agen Workshop is off to a flying start.  I’ve already posted about the wonderful people who have agreed to come and there’s not much I can add about them, except that I am flattered and moved by their trust. Last week I went to the Netherlands to attend the launching of TPRS Academy. I met a dynamic group of TPRS teachers who are interested in coming to Agen this year, including sign language teachers who want to incorporate TPRS into their methodology. I am getting a lot of requests for more information about the workshop.

So here is the information I promised to post.

In order to accomodate more presenters than we’ve had in the past, and also to include the price of the final meal, we are raising the price by 30 euros. 

The workshop price does not include other meals or accomodation. The site of the workshop is not yet decided, but it will be in downtown Agen, within a reasonable walking distance of the train station. Participants can find accomodation at several centrally located hotels or through Airnb. I will post links to the tourist information and the hotels later. Stim’otel offered a special rate in the past and will probably be willing to do that again. I’m negotiating and will let you know as soon as possible. In the past I arranged for some participants to be hosted, but we are getting too big for that. If you have been hosted in the past, I suggest you contact your former host and make private arrangements. Otherwise, there is now Airnb which lists quite a few reasonably priced offers in Agen. Just be sure that you can walk to the downtown area of Agen and do not need a car.

I hope to have Registration working in a week or so. I will post on Facebook TPRS Witch and Twitter when we are ready to roll. My original date was November 20th, thinking there would be little demand before the TESOL Colloquium in Paris, where I am speaking and will have a stand. But I am getting a lot of early bird requests, so I am trying to get everything online earlier than planned. Bear with me. I’m just a little old lady witch who still needs to sleep at night.

Hier ist der Link zu weiteren Informationen und zur Registrierung:


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Workshop in Agen/France zu Comprehensible Input

Nach einem ersten erfolgreichen Anlauf im Jahr 2013 bieten Judy Dubois, Teri Wiechard und Lynnette de St. Georges einen weiteren Workshop an. Mit im Boot ist dieses Jahr Sabrina Sebban-Janczak, eine sehr erfahrene und motivierende Kollegin aus Denver. Hier ist die Ankündigung; den Frühbucher-Preis gibt es noch bis 15. März!

2014 TPRS Workshop in France

You can now register for this year’s Workshop in Agen. Teri and Lynnette and Judy are preparing for a great experience this year, even better than last year. The participants will learn Breton in order to experience the method as a student:  They will observe experienced teachers working with real students of English and French.  We will explain how to use the techniques in a classroom setting.   And, each day; there will be opportunities to practice with students in informal settings and while being coached:

Throughout the week; there will be other presentations.  One presenter will talk about working with dyslexic and autistic syndrome students.  Sabrina Sebban-Janczak will lead a discussion where participants can share their own perspectives on contemporary topics and popular culture.  There will aso be sessions on classroom management; embedded reading; working with films; Krashen’s theories and French literature and culture.

Considerable time will be spent in debriefing sessions; so that there will be more back and forth communication between the participants than can be handled in larger conferences.  We will book a table each day at various local restaurants for those who wish to lunch with the presenters.

Contacts: judyldubois@aol.comtwiechart@hotmail.com

Plus A French Language Workshop for French Teachers

I’m very excited to announce that Sabrina Sebban-Janczak has agreed to lead a special pre-workshop course for non-native French teachers who want to improve their language skills. Participants will:

1) Experience authentic language in an authentic setting.

2) Boost their language skills to the next level with Comprehensible input.

3) Interact with the French language and culture in meaningful ways off-the-beaten-path, participating in unique hands-on activities in local settings.

4) Meet, network and socialize with other worldwide language teachers and Francophiles.

The price of the 3 day workshop with Sabrina is 250 euros. Those who register and pay before March 15th will pay the early bird price of only 175 euros.

Download der Workshop-Broschüre: hier

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She made my day!

Seit der 5. Klasse kenne ich Christine als eine kleine, zarte, leise und schüchterne Schülerin, die sich nie zu melden traut. Und doch war von Anfang an zu ahnen, dass ihr ein leiser Schalk im Nacken sitzt. Wenn der Lehrer nicht hinschaute, blitzte es ein wenig in ihren Augen und schnell wandte sie sich an ihre Sitznachbarin, um einen unauffälligen, gedämpft geführten Austausch zu beginnen, der schnell abgebrochen wurde, wenn der Lehrer mißbilligend den Kopf wandte. Weiterlesen

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Jody aus San Francisco vergleicht den Lernprozess mittels Comprehensible Input mit einem Güterzug, der langsam anfährt, aber bald mit hoher Geschwindigkeit fahren wird.

„Darauf müssen wir vertrauen. Wenn wir das nicht tun, ist der Zugewinn geringer, die Leistungsunterschiede zwischen den Schülern wachsen, und der Klassenlernprozess wird schwerfällig und macht es so immer schwerer, ALLE zu unterrichten.“

Ben kommentiert: Weiterlesen

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The Story Of The Spider And The Grasshopper

Als Nachlese zum Workshop in Agen – jetzt ETPRS getauft –  veröffentlichte David auf moreTPRS die wahre und nur unwesentlich übertriebene Geschichte von der Spinne und der Heuschrecke. Teri merkte dazu an: „And your version is as close to the truth as any other.  –  Teri the fearless“

Once upon a time there were 2 ladies called Lynnette and Teri. One day they took a trip to France. They were being sent on a quest to convert the ignorant and bring them to the light. Lynnette looked after the accommodation and Teri looked after the luggage. Weiterlesen

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Agen Conference: David’s comment and Judy’s answer

It was just a week ago that I was sitting in Agen, in the south west of France at my very first TPRS workshop and the very first ETPRS event ever! If you haven’t already guessed: the ‚E‘ is for european.
Today was my first day back teaching and I have to say I had a great time implementing and experimenting. I had been teaching myself for the last 2 years or so, and although I had the support of a fellow colleague, Martin Anders, I still was unsure. The week gave me the reassurance and confidence to keep evolving my TPRS skills and today I felt a quality that I have so longed for slowely creeping in. Weiterlesen

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Workshop in Agen/France: 6th to 10th of August 2013

When Judy Logsdon-Dubois announced a TPRS workshop in France, organized by herself, Alike Last, Teri Wiechard, and Lynnette St. Georges, I felt at once the urgent desire to participate. I wanted to finally meet some of the people I am in contact with, and I wanted to overcome my situation as a ‘lone wolf”. So I quickly arranged everything to be able to go there. Two of my colleagues joined in!

Personally, I discovered that, more than once, a heavy burden fell off my shoulders when discovering CI. First, when I realized while reading about the theory of CI that I don’t have to do all the crappy things I used to do in my life as a teacher. Weiterlesen

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Sommerpause – und Zeit für Konferenzen und Workshops

Während nun Gelegenheit ist, den wohlverdienten Sommerurlaub – diesmal auch mit phantastischem Wetter! – zu genießen, findet in den USA der alljährliche nationale TPRS-Kongress in Dallas statt. Und bald beginnt der schon lange angekündigte Workshop in Agen/France.

Neuigkeiten zu National TPRS in Dallas gibt es regelmäßig hier:


und bei Alike Last:


Ich freue mich schon auf Agen!

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Le Huitième Jour

Suchen Sie einen bewegenden und motivierenden Film in französischer Sprache, den nicht jeder schon kennt, den es nicht mit deutscher Sprachfassung auf DVD und selbst im Ausland nicht überall zu kaufen gibt? Dann versuchen Sie es einmal mit dem belgischen Film „Le Huitième Jour“ von Jaco van Dormael (zu beschaffen am besten hier). Das Script zum Film gibt es antiquarisch über die gleiche oder ähnliche Adressen ebenfalls noch zu kaufen.

Zum Inhalt: Georges ist ein Mann mit Down-Syndrom und lebt in einem Heim. Weiterlesen

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